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Soccer is nothing without the variety of colorful kits that clothe its players. Sure, matches are paramount, but there's something to be said about the culture (and the money) circulating around the beautiful game's most memorable kits

In pursuit of compiling a comprehensive guide to soccer kit suppliers, blogger and map-fanatic Geolic created a map that outlines the kit supplier of each nation's national soccer team. While the graphic is impressive on its own, it also outlines a few major geographic trends.

Nike is the clear winner in a few of the world's biggest nations—including the U.S., Brazil, England, and China. However, adidas seems to rule with a wider global presence, being a popular choice from Mexico, to Japan; northern Africa, to eastern Europe. 

Puma, while not as well represented, has a strong presence in central Europe (like Italy, and the Czech Republic), and west Africa (Ghana, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast). Umbro has a humble, but respectable roster, which includes Canada, Ireland, Peru, and Zimbabwe. 

Before you complain that this map leaves out the small-scale suppliers, think again. Geolic also included less-common producers like O'Neills, Kappa, Uhlsport, and Hummel. While not exhaustive, it's an interesting peek at who's doing big business in the soccer space across the globe.

Head over to Geolic to see the map in full detail.