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We don't dip into politics all that often. Typically it involves some political statement made by a model, or some legislation that will affect the way you cop grails online. Sometimes we imagine the political world leaders if they wore some fire jawnz or pay homage if they already do. Donald Trump doesn't fall under any of these categories, except for the signature Dad Cap that he has been wearing lately.

Let's just get this out of the way: it's fucking lit. So amazing. What a great hat. It has all the qualities I look for in a hat—it's a simple, almost beige-y color, has that weird piece of yarn/rope that runs across the base of the bill that reminds me of a '70s naval captain and has a kitschy slogan on it. It's a formidable cap and has already created quite a stir around the 'net. Others have recognized the greatness. The only issue is that it feels like a custom job done in super rare, limited numbers. You're never getting your hands on The Donald's hat—it's only for him and his campaign crew. But wait just one second. For once in his life, Trump is being generous. The "Make America Great Again" hat is available for purchase according to E!.

If you're in New York, you can apparently go pick one up for $25 at the Trump Tower right now—we're sending a squad of interns to buy out the entire stock immediately. Or, if you're not in NYC, wait till next month when the cap will be available on The Donald's website. Now, that date is not very specific, but it's almost the end of July, so it could be available in just over a week. Hopefully, the dopeness of this hat sticks around for longer than Trump's press blitzkrieg.

[Photo via Yahoo!]