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Getting old isn't easy. Hitting 30 isn't easy either. It's not just that you're growing into the more "unfortunate" aspects of adulthood (shouts to steep hangovers, receeding hairlines, and slower metabolisms), your wardrobe has to age with you. Sure, wear whatever you want, regardless of age. But there's no hiding the fact that dressing younger than you are is comical at best—and depressing at worst.

Our wardrobes deserve to age as gracefully as we want to, and there's certainly a string of gear that—maybe wouldn't see much play in your 20's—will become practical and foundational pieces for the future. (Don't worry, it's not all "dad style" from here on out.) Hopefully you already have many of these items stashed somewhere in your closet, but—without question—these are 10 Clothing Items Every Man Should Own By His 30s.