Fashion moves in cycles. What was cool becomes uncool. The uncool lays dormant on the fashion scrap heap until it becomes vintage, which makes it cool again. Sometimes this means that the style of our fathers, the looks we mocked relentlessly as children, sometimes come back in style. Some of us even come to the realization that the parents we once thought were painfully uncool actually dressed better than we did through our teen years. If you ever wore JNCO jeans or a TapOut shirt, this is almost certainly true. Sometimes, we learn that dad fashion is actually, in some ways, superior to our own.

There are also certain dad fashion moves that only a dad can pull off. Just as fathers possess wisdom that comes with experience, and the phenomenon of "old man strength" is very real, there are items of clothing that only a dad execute to perfection. Today, we celebrate the clothing of our fathers, those impressive style choices that dads make work better than anyone else. These are The Greatest Dad Fashion Moves of All Time.