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GQ just posted up a short video with Supreme's brand director, Angelo Baque, while out at Paris Fashion Week and talked about the brand's ethos, the hypebeasts camping outside of the store every Thursday and some of the pieces that Supreme has done that "missed."

Naturally, Baque appreciates the love from the kids lining up around the corner for the release and even believes that if he was 15 today, he'd be right there with 'em. He also relates 2015's hypebeast culture to his own experiences growing in New York where he would kick it at sneaker spots and record stores even if that meant getting shit on by the older cats, not unlike the Supreme's notorious staff.

On the topic of pieces that Supreme has bricked, Baque mentions the John Coltrane tees the brand did back in 2009 and mentions the work Supreme did with Jeff Koons. Granted, he doesn't think they necessarily "missed," but more so went over the customer's heads, which makes sense considering high school kids aren't necessarily up on old jazz or modern art. They much prefer classical music and Baroque.