Let's call a spade a spade. We get a lot of flak for what some perceive is our "Kanye Fanboyism." But when you're the one of the biggest names in hip-hop and in men's fashion today, then how can you not give due respect? No one can argue that Yeezy has generated more than a fair share of trends that we wear today, and whether or not they're still popular today, we've all said "Yeezy taught me" at least once when it comes down to our respective closets.

But hey, even Jordan lost a few games in his day, and you can bet that Kanye's got a few bricks on his scorecard. Due in part to the passage of time, or in part to the cyclical nature of fashion, there's a few trends that Kanye kicked off, but are absolute garbage by today's standards. Respect where respect is due, but these things that even Yeezy wouldn't wear on a bad day. These are the 8 Trends Kanye Started That Are Trash Today.