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This whole dadbod trend is really picking up momentum. After being introduced to the world a couple of months ago, the term has quickly sparked a new movement in which men are proudly showing off their “average” physiques.

And now, a Los Angeles talent manager is hoping to bank off this trend by creating an entire lifestyle brand based off of it.

CJ Cardenas, who manages TV adventurer Bear Grylls, applied to trademark “dadbod” a week ago, after seeing such a huge response to the term, which promotes body acceptance among dudes.

“The idea is that it is OK to have a little bit of extra fat in certain areas […] Men have body-image issues that people don't talk about," he told The Cut. "Living in Los Angeles, in West Hollywood, you see so much focus on physical training and a perfect physique. But to a lot of girls, it's not that it is intimidating, but it just doesn't seem real. And there's a hunger to be with someone real."

Though many people have criticized the term for promoting laziness and unhealthy habits, Cardenas says he wants to emphasis the acceptance and fun-loving nature of the trend. He’s already speaking with microbreweries about possibly creating a dadbod beer.

"They love the concept," he told The Cut. "The possibilities are open at this point. I just applied for the trademark, so we're in the beginning stages of the process."

Stay tuned to see if his plans come to fruition.