I like electric shave just because shaving is super sensitive to African American skin especially if they shave with razor,  they have to be super careful they don't get any ingrown hairs and just around the neck period or their face is just really really sensitive because their hair's so coarse. So to be honest, all the beard trims, I only do with an outliner and a t-liner, they're the only to machines that I use right now. I'm so for using electric just because you can sanitize it, straight edge razors you can as well but at the same time you have less control over whether your hair's gonna take to that blade or your skin's gonna take to that blade so I would recommend to just be on the safe side with African American skin by just using an outliner a t-liner, you can use your masters  to just kind of  trim the beard so it looks really natural from the neck, when they lift their neck up it just has a natural fade as opposed to going in with a razor and giving it a sharp crispy line. The t-liner itself can give you a crispy line like if you had a razor put to your face, you just have to know how to use it as in how to angle it and make sure that it gets those little hairs that a barber would see if you're going to do the maintenance at home. It just takes a lot of practice too, I try to teach my clients how they can trim and keep it up in between the 4-6 weeks that they see me, you now what I mean?"