Basketball fans around the world would kill to see what lies behind the '23' gate at Michael Jordan's mansion in Chicago. The property has been up for sale a few times over the past 5 years, and each time we get a glimpse at the basketball courts, some decent shots of the exterior, and maybe a view of one of the main living spaces. There is so much more to the 9-bedroom, 56,000-square-foot kingdom that most people have never seen, but the footage does exist.

According to Curbed, the property is having a bit of trouble selling. So now higher quality photos have resurfaced, as well as an in-depth video tour of the space. The video was produced for the last unsuccessful auction and is being used again to drum up excitement for and interest in the property.

The home can be yours for the discounted price of just under $15 million. Maybe if you get enough friends together, you can sell all your worldly possessions to get the opportunity to really be like Mike.