The Clarks Desert Boot is arguably one of the most iconic silhouettes of the past century, but most people who wear them have very little knowledge about the model. Before the cosign from hip-hop culture or the numerous collaborations with Supreme, the Desert Boot has been the shoe of choice for stylish individuals around the world since its birth in 1950 by the late Nathan Clark.

In a new video series, Clarks Originals shares the history of the boots as well as insight into the cultural significance of the model from the Paris riots of 1968, to the streets of Jamaica in the '70s. Clarks speaks with reggae legend Major Stitch, historian Steve Barrows, and photographer Bruno Barbey about what the Desert Boot meant to the people who wore them then and those who still wear them today.

Check out a few of the clips below and head to the Clarks Originals YouTube page to see the entire series.