This feature originally appears in Complex's April/May issue.

Before you dismiss this as a puff piece, consider: The vaporizer will be your next crucial fashion accessory. The country’s learning more about marijuana’s medicinal powers as more states legalize and decriminalize, while the “pothead stoner” stereotype goes up in smoke. Just as iPads continue to replace newspapers, vaporizers are streamlining the way we use marijuana. The benefits are plenty: Vape pens are discreet. They don’t smell nearly as strong as joints, blunts, or bongs—you can walk down the street and not get as much as a glance from passersby (unless they’re admiring that sleek device in your hand). And as the technology behind vaping improves, companies are designing devices to look as stylish as the smartwatch you’ll soon have on your wrist—and that’s not just a bunch of hot air.