The day has finally come, fam. You can now literally wear Uniqlo from head to toe. The Japanese brand just dropped a set of basic canvas sneakers in both slip-on and lace-up varieties. Okay, nothing overly monumental here, but for $35 they're definitely a good bargain that can help you get through the summer months as you destroy your entire corporeal being. This is something that you may have seen coming. I mean, why wouldn't Uniqlo at least offer something like this? It makes total sense. What doesn't make sense though is the fact that they only go up to size 10. That's an enormous fucking brick. I'm pretty sure the average shoe size is larger than that and our feet are only getting bigger apparently. If these do fit your tiny, dainty feet, you could do a whole lot worse for the price. Or maybe you're just looking to switch the flow up since things were getting too predictable and you want a change from your typical summer Vans. If you cop, let us know if they last longer than a week.