Though the Apple Watch officially drops tomorrow, the likelihood of getting your hands on one in the same day is pretty damn slim. In addition to its high demand, it was announced that the device can only be copped through a special reservation system—causing many people to abandon all hope of getting one by the end of Friday.

But, you’ll be glad to know there’s still a chance. A very small chance.

According to the New York Times, five fashion retailers will also stock the Apple Watch beginning tomorrow. Maxfield in LA, Colette in Paris, The Corner in Berlin, and Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London are all boutiques that are advertising an April 24 release. But, of course, the stock is expected to go fast.

DSM’s chief executive Adrian Joffe said that the Ginza location will have about 350 watches, while the London location will have 570; however, the special gold edition will not be available as it is currently on back order.

“Judging by the calls, I don’t think it will last long,” Joffe told the Times.

So, if you’re in those areas (sorry, New Yorkers) and have yet to secure your own, you might want to hit up one of these stores tomorrow. Who knows? You might luck out.