If you were planning on camping out in front of the Apple Store to get your hands on a new Apple Watch, forget it. The company is taking a different approach with sales of its new device dropping April 24. 

CNET reports that you wont be able to walk into a store and purchase an Apple Watch like an iPhone; you'll instead need to buy it through a special reservation system. And unlike the hands-on, play with everything approach Apple takes with the other products in its stores, the watches won't be available to try on unless you make an appointment for a fitting. 

CNET says that Apple confirms the policy, and has no plans as of now to change it in the future, even after the initial rollout. 


So, basically, no paying homeless people to queue up in line for you, and no walking in and slamming a briefcase with $17,000 in cash (in ones) on the counter for the Apple Watch Edition. 

Apple starts taking orders for the Apple Watch, which starts at $349, at 12:01 a.m. on April 10.