One of the biggest factors in getting a job is making a good first impression—especially in how you dress yourself. Impeccable fit, neutral colors, and attention to detail are definitely key elements for solid interview getup. But it turns out rocking luxury logos is an effective way to stand out from the slew of unemployed guys. 

In a study published by the Journal of Business Research, it was discovered that wearing recognizable high-end logos lead to “preferential treatment” during a job hunt. Why? Well, in a series of three experiments, experts found that the majority of people thought highly of those who displayed their wealth and status in how they dressed. And, apparently, the bigger the logo, the better.

The study went on to explain that wearing expensive branding was also beneficial in receiving charity. It’s a sad truth, but people are much more likely to give you hand if you look like you don’t need it. We’re sure there are layers and layers of psychological explanations for this, but it’s clear that people associate competence, skill, and intelligence with money.

So next time you’re going in for an interview, you might want to throw on some LV-, Prada-, or Gucci-branded gear. Yeah, you’ll probably look tacky as hell, but potential employers will love it. 

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