It's 2015, for crying out loud. We as men must stop complaining that we don't have the time or knowledge necessary to groom ourselves properly. We can't keep dismissing examples of well-styled men by saying, "eh, he probably pays someone to shop for him." We can't keep assuming that our significant others will be forgiving when weird hairs grow free week after week, month after month. As if the rewards of getting your act together weren't obvious enough, we're going to make this whole process even simpler: use Birchbox Man, get right.

What is Birchbox Man? It's a subscription service that delivers a customized box of gear and grooming products right to your doorstep each month. When you sign up, you fill out a quick profile to sort through your tastes and preferences. Based on this information, the team at Birchbox Man assembles a new box of product samples for you to try each month. They’ll even include a bonus lifestyle product in every box—it could be anything from clothing to barware. The products that work best for you are always available in big boy bottles direct from the Birchbox Man Shop.

This is already a revolutionary idea, but if you needed another ringing endorsement, how about one from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? To celebrate the launch of Mad Men's final season, which premieres April 5 on AMC, Birchbox has put together a group of products that harkens back to the time when men knew what it meant to get dressed. The carefully curated collection includes hair product, shaving supplies, scent, boxer briefs, a pocket square, and even more niche items like whiskey stones, any combination of which could end up in your customized box. You have until April 10 to sign up to receive your own Don Draper home kit.

For more on Birchbox Man, and to get the Mad Men-inspired box, visit Birchbox Man today.