Following in the footsteps of Spain, Italy, and Israel, France recently placed a ban on excessively thin models in an attempt to promote a healthy body image among youth. However, the new regulations aren’t exactly forcing the women to gain weight; it’s actually pushing them to cheat the system with bizarre measures.

In an article published by the Observer, reporter Jennifer Sky spoke to a model who asked to be referred to as “Lauren.” It turns out “Lauren” had some disturbing information about how agencies are skirting the new rules that prohibit hiring models with an IBM lower than 18. 

“I did Fashion Week in Spain after they enforced a similar law and agencies found a loophole,” she told the Observer. “They gave us Spanx underwear to stuff with weighted sandbags so the thinnest of girls had a ‘healthy’ weight on the scales. I even saw them put weights in their hair.”

If her claims are true, then the current system clearly needs an overhaul. Let’s just hope the brands that are hiring the models aren’t turning a blind eye to these stunts; otherwise they’ll be paying a hefty price ($79,000 in fines) and possibly up to six months in jail.