Kim Kardashian's Limited-Edition Selfie Book Is Already Selling on eBay for Six Times the Original Price

You won't believe how much people are trying to resell the limited-edition version of Kim Kardashian's selfie book on eBay.

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An extremely limited-edition and signed version of Kim Kardashian's book of selfies, appropriately titled Selfish, went on sale exclusively at Gilt today. The books sold out almost immediately, but if you're willing to drop a bunch of extra cash, the special-edition of Selfie can still be yours. Resellers have taken to eBay and are selling the book for up to $400, which is more than six times the original price tag.

With only 500 copies available, it's no surprise that the books moved fast. Even people who claimed to be on the site right when the books went on sale still complained that they weren't able to purchase. 

Anything with Kim's and husband Kanye West's name on it is going to have this type of selling power. When Kanye gave away his free Kanye West x adidas “Season” zine​, resellers were asking $800 for it just hours later. The free anoraks, which Kanye used as invitations to his "Yeezy Season 1"​ show, were similarly posted on auction sites with prices up to $600. One eBay user knows that Kanye and Kim are really best together, though, and is trying to sell a combination of Kim's selfie book and a signed version of Kanye's Thank You And You're Welcome for $1,500.

The standard edition of Selfie is releasing on May 5. 



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