Before pre-orders for the Apple Watch could go live online, Drake stunted on Instagram by posting a photo of himself wearing one at this year's Coachella Music Festival. The highly anticipated device from Apple is on a lot of wish lists this year, but when you're Drake, you don't worry about release dates.

We've already seen Pharrell rock what appeared to be a hybrid version of the $10,000 Apple Watch during a taping of The Voice, but Drake took it to the next level by wearing a matching "OVO" hoodie and sweatpants, and throwing on a pair of his "OVO" Air Jordan XIIs

A part of the marketing plan for the Apple Watch has been to appeal to consumers who want cool tech, but also want it to look good. With people like Drake and Pharrell already cosigning the product, you can bet that the April 10 preorder will sell out instantly.

[via Instagram]