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While most of us can only hope we get our hands on Drake's "OVO" Air Jordan XII sneakers, Ian Connor doesn't even want them after being blessed with a pair. The self-proclaimed "King of the Youth" took to Instagram to let the world know that the white XIIs simply don't fit, so he doesn't want them.

Simple enough, right? If a sneaker doesn't fit then why bother keeping them. But could there be more to this story, though? Not only is Ian Connor throwing up the middle finger in his Instagram photo, but he also posted a tweet that goes in more detail saying, "I Don't Need No New Friends or No New Shoes @Drake."

Shots fired, or nah?

I Don't Need No New Friends or No New Shoes @Drake . Someone Come Get These OVO 12's Off Me Please.

— Ian Connor (@Souljaian) April 16, 2014

[via ianconnorsrevenge]