News surfaced last month of Drake's involvement with an upcoming Sotheby's art show based around artists of color. While it was confusing at first about what his involvement would be (curator, buyer, performer, etc.), it was announced that he would be curating not the art, but only the music for the show. While the collaboration is obviously an attempt to draw attention to the gallery show, and increase private sales, it had us wondering: what if Drake actually did curate an art show?

The Sotheby's event is filled with several major artists, including Kara Walker, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nick Cave, and Kehinde Wiley (just to name a few), that tackle the idea of race, time, and history. For someone like Drake (who admittedly isn't down for making artist references like some of his other contemporaries), being inspired by art is obvious. But having a gallery show with art that highlights his own struggles...well, that sounds like Drizzy. We imagined what these artists would create if they we tasked with creating Drake-themed works in their respective styles. 

Needless to say, there's plenty of hypothetical artistic inspiration, well before Drizzy's Acura days. Check out what happens as we're Imagining the Pieces in Drake Curated Sotheby's Art Show​.

All illustrations by Jonathan Fouabi

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