Much like its founder, the Martin Margiela fashion house has remained relatively private over the years, which is probably why so many people have become obsessed with it.

The allure of the unknown has lead many nosey-ass individuals to dig up as much information as possible regarding the enigmatic label—from its secretive design team to the reasoning behind its trademark details. But one aspect that isn’t a complete mystery is the interior of the Martin Margiela offices. This week, AnOther magazine gave us an even deeper look inside the label’s atelier in Paris. And it’s exactly what you would expect.

What was once a century-old orphanage, the 3,000-square-foot space has served as the design headquarters for Martin Margiela since 2004. It took the label nearly four months to revamp and add its signature touches to the interior, most notably covering it with the color white. 

“There are two reasons for white—one practical, one conceptual,” a spokesperson told AnOther. “When Jenny (Meirens, Margiela’s co-founder) and Martin started out, they collected furniture from all over the place. They had no money and it was all in different styles, so to make it seem coherent, it was all painted white.”

Chairs and chandeliers are draped with white fabrics, notebooks are covered in the same white material, and the walls are painted with white emulsion, which proudly displays any wear and tear that has occurred over the years. Some walls even have a yellow tinge, but that pristine vibe is still very much there.

Check out images of Martin Margiela’s atelier below. To read the full feature, go to AnOther magazine’s website