Maison Margiela, formerly known as Maison Martin Margiela, has maintained a strong presence in the fashion industry since its 1988 inception. But despite its consistent relevancy, the Parisian fashion house has never shed its secretive aura, which is perhaps the label’s strongest appeal.

From its elusive founder and mostly anonymous design team to its infatuation with the color white and the use of arcane numbers, the company has become one of fashion’s most enigmatic entities. But thanks to a new feature by Oki-Ni, we now have some deeper insight to Maison Margiela and its puzzling components.

With the help of illustrations and photographs, the fashion retailer breaks down some of Maison Margiela's most famous and baffling implementations. Ever wonder why all of its employees are required to wear identical lab coats? Are you curious about the numerals on the tags? Want to know where the iconic four stitches came from? Well, this is definitely your next must-read.

Head over to Oki-Ni’s website to learn more about this mysterious brand.

[via Oki-Ni]