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The thing about Vans is that they're basically unimpeachable. Like, who the fuck has a problem with Vans? They're inexpensive, relatively well-made shoes that work as well for skateboarding as they do for regular, casual wear. If you have an issue with Vans, you need to get your blood pressure checked. And possibly a lobotomy while you're at it. As per usual, Supreme teamed up with Vans for a couple of sneakers for the upcoming season. This time around, it's a pair of Old Skools and Sk8-Mids. The Sk8-Mid is an interesting pick, especially since the much more widespread Sk8-Hi had a real "fashion moment" a year or so ago. I like the moxie to go with something a little different. The pattern on the shoe isn't very different though, coming with a trio of different camouflage options. Personally, I'm happy to see that icy option. That was a heavily underutilized colorway when camo was super on and popping a couple years back. Why weren't there more icy ass jackets floating around? Talk about a missed opportunity. These should come in super handy when you're forced to go hunting with your asshole step-dad that your mom married when you were in high school and you're just out sulking in the woods. Anyway, these launch tomorrow in-store and online in New York, L.A. and London.