Reigning Champ is back for more.

On the heels of its Sea to Sky series release, the Vancouver-based sportswear brand has rolled out the lookbook for its Spring/Summer 2015 collection. And, as expected, it’s bringing a wide assortment of performance threads with quality construction and superior comfort.

Created with in-house fabrics, the Canadian-made garments continue Reigning Champ’s emphasis on practical yet sharp designs. Its dedication to simplicity is still evident in this range, as the bulk is presented in solid colors or understated paneling. Essentials like tees, sweatpants, hoodies, varsity jackets, and sweatshirts are delivered in a range of signature materials such as ringspun jersey, lightweight terry, heavyweight terry, tiger terry, and indigo terry.

Check out the Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook below. Most of the collection is available now at Reigning Champ’s online store; the remaining styles will roll out in the upcoming weeks.