These Marni sneakers look a lot like orthopedic sneakers nurses and our grandmas wear because they got that fire arch support. I'm all the way down with that shit. I can neither confirm nor deny that these sneakers will support your arches, but I can confirm that I would wear them with the mythical baggy navy blue shorts. I would look so relaxed and comfortable sitting on the bench outside a fancy diner that has a 34 minute wait for a table, commiserating with all the other hipsters pretending that they can actually afford $20 a plate brunches, being all like, "I can't wait 'til restaurants in Detroit adopt the method of taking my cellphone number and texting me when my table is ready." And the cool hipsters would be like, "Yeah, then I could totally go get a coffee or something." And I'd be like, "Nah, you just go drive around and get lifted before brunch. Fuck is wrong with you, fam?" Then, I'd stare at my fancy Marni sneakers because being even slightly confrontational like that IRL makes me hella uncomfortable.