We're convinced that Kim Jong Un is the biggest troll of all time, because his life can't be serious. The North Korean dictator had the most-searched celebrity hairstyle of 2014, so naturally he had to one-up himself for 2015. Given his inexplicable bromance with Dennis Rodman, we shouldn't be surprised that Jong Un's new cut closely resembles that of another 1990s icon: Guile from Street Fighter.

© Capcom

The Supreme ruler showed off his wedge-shaped cut at meeting on Thursday, along with his new half-shaven eyebrows that are the antithesis of "on fleek." With all the Photoshop scandals of late, we were hoping that this was a joke, but it looks like he is really about that life. Last we checked, the bowl-cut was still mandatory in North Korea, but rules don't really apply to dictators. It would suck for his people if he decided that this was the new standard.

[via Vox]