In the biggest non-Yeezy-related footwear news of the day, the coveted Engineered Garments x Vans slip-ons will be returning to Nepenthes New York this Friday, February 13th. These have basically become cult classics amongst the menswear set. If you need a pair of slip-ons for the summer, look no further than a pair of Vans, right? And these two-tone, asymmetrical leather/suede joints are also just $85, so why would you not cop a limited edition pair as lit as these? But please mark you calendars and be responsible for once in your life because, as per usual, only 110 pairs of each colorway were made. The drop features five colorways: white, black, navy, tan and, for the first time ever, a light blue (which is the pair that looks more like a soft grey here). That means there's, AT MOST, 550 of these available to you. If you're able to wear slip-on sneakers without your feet looking like you're a fucking duck, then you should be all over this shit.

Photography by Liz Barclay