Brendon Babenzien recently left his post as Supreme's creative director and, according to WWD, he is in the midst of relaunching Noah, a brand he initially started back in 2002. He eventually returned to Supreme and has served as its creative director since 2006. This time he's leaving for real.

Babenzien is working to raise money, build out the brand and set up both an e-commerce business and a brick and mortar location in New York. Noah is aimed at the grown up Supreme shopper—Babenzien knows the audience isn't going to outgrow Supreme and then immediately start wearing suits. So, he's positioning Noah to bridge that gap and provide good clothes for the informed male shoppe between his late 20s to early 40s.

From the product selection in the WWD story, the pieces will be pretty unique. Babenzien will use waterproof Loro Piana fabric typically used in a trench for a waterproof running jacket, double-faced camel hair for hoodies and Cashpad, which is basically cashmere down-like filling, for outerwear. Jackets will start at $400 and top out around $1,200, tops and bottoms will start at $180, sweats will range from $180-$380 and tees will cost around $48.

The line will be available this fall and Babenzien doesn't want to spoil too much of the surprise and bog down possible customers with overexposure beforehand, much like how Supreme doesn't stick to the established fashion calendar when dropping new collections. You can expect Noah and Babenzien himself to remain relatively elusive, at least for the time being.