Narrative is a huge part of rap, graffiti, and comics. Whether it's a song about flexin', a tag that reps your crew, or a comic that retells a character's origin, the story is often more important than the visual artwork, though in an ideal world they would work together to make a more powerful contribution to the zeitgeist. 

We asked Patrick Reed if he thought that great hip-hop storytellers like Slick Rick or Jay Z would make great comic writers, but he wasn't positive that the talent would translate well. "I don't know. It's one thing to tell a story in song form, but another to construct a narrative and get the whole sequential medium down. Comics storytelling is a very specific skill that requires understanding of where the pieces blend and cross over. Now, granted, a good story is a good story, and it will work in most mediums given the proper attention and support, but comics tend to live and die on continuing narratives, not four minute slices of a world. That being said, I would totally buy an anthology of Kool G. Rap short stories."

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