Are you guys like me? Constantly looking for all white sneakers? Are you like me in that you can't really afford/justify Common Projects and you're still waiting for the Stan Smith re-release machine to calm down a bit? Well, then get you some of these Vans Vault OGs. I guaran-fucking-tee that if you own a pair of fancy Vans, one of your lame friends will be like, "You would never skate in those, bro." As if you make sartorial choices based on the whether you would actually partake in whatever activity a garment is originally "designed for." FUCK THAT NOISE, JEFF. I OWN A PARKA RATED FOR NEGATIVE 40. THAT'S FORTY DEGREES BELOW ZERO AND I STILL WARM MY CAR UP FOR, LIKE, 15 MINUTES BEFORE I DRIVE ANYWHERE.