An Urban Outfitters lingerie ad has been banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority for featuring an "underweight model." 

The ASA considered the model in the ad overly thin, and the ruling particularly notes, "That there was a significant gap between the model's thighs." The governing body also said that because of Urban Outfitters' young and impressionable audience the ad was "irresponsible." 

Urban Outfitters disagreed with the ruling and provided the ASA with a copy of the model's agency profile, as well as other photographs to prove that the model has a 23.5 inch waist. 

This isn't the first time an ad has been deemed unfit for the public. An underwear commercial for Buffalo David Bitton, Kate Upton's commercial for Zoo York, several creepy Calvin Klein ads, and eight American Apparel ads have all had to be pulled in the past. 

Urban Outfitters has been no stranger to controversy lately. The retailer came under fire last year after selling a sweatshirt that appeared to reference a college shooting with blood stains, and for throwing a racist holiday party

[via Mashable]