Over All Master Cloth founder and Supreme's former creative director Luke Meier recently sat down with i-D to share his knowledge on the streetwear industry. In the interview, Meier sheds light on what it's like to work for Supreme, what he learned from the brand's reclusive founder James Jebbia, and gives his thoughts on the current streetwear landscape.

The publication wastes no time in asking what we all want to know, "What did you learn at Supreme?"

Meier: At Supreme, I learned to be detail-oriented. James Jebbia, the director and owner, is insistent that each aspect of every product is carefully considered; nothing on any garment is without careful thought and analysis. I also learned not to care what people outside of our immediate crew thought about what we're doing ... If something was good to us, that's all that mattered. I hope that the biggest thing I brought to the brand was the execution of the high level of design that was expected.

Meier's disregard for outside people and trends echoes a similar sentiment voiced by Jebbia last year. The Supreme founder told Paper that he admires Ralph Lauren because he "doesn't change with trends and has just kept it up and gotten better and better." 

Meier also addresses the infusion of streetwear on the runway, saying, "I don't think that this is a new trend, I just think that it's becoming more pronounced. People with great style have always mixed high and low, luxury and street." Meier also adds, to the delight of sneakerheads everywhere, "Sneakers can be just as elegant as brogues if worn in the right way. Japan has known this for a long time.​"

Read the whole interview over at i-D.

[via i-D]