What's the deal with Copenhagen *Jerry Seinfeld voice*? I mean, seriously. Rascals and Han? In one city? We've said it before, but there's something in the water over there. Anyways, I like Rascals because a lot of their gear is sleek and slim, even the outerwear. The bulkiest piece on display this year was the shearling-lined hooded jacket with "08" on the chest, which was still very warm despite its thinness. A lot of this collection reminds me of biking, Tour de France style: mock neck zip-up jackets, racing jersey-like tees with cool graphics and the polos all scream cycling. With all the fleece going on in other collections this season, Rascals took it down south with a pair of track pants in a thin fleece fabric that has a panel of stretch material around the calf to keep things tightened up. But the highlight is definitely the pair of coach's jackets the brand did in partnership with Ebbets Field along with a matching pair of baseball hats. They have that satin finish old heads love, but a slim profile and hefty fabric that's perfect for fall layering.

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