Now there's a whole set. 

After discovering the first Human Ken Doll, who spent $170,000 on almost 150 surgeries, and then the second Human Ken Doll, who spent $50,000 on cosmetic procedures, you probably thought (or hoped) we were done with this madness. Not a chance. A third Human Ken Doll, named Rodrigo Alves, has spent $265,888 on plastic surgeries, more than the previous two combined.

Alves has undergone some gruesome procedures—including leg liposuction, a six-pack implant, and calf-shaping—in order to become the Human Ken Doll. His most recent surgery was a six-in-one operation where he got his fourth nose job, a procedure to straighten out his toes, liposuction, and had the skin around his mouth and gums cut just to make his smile bigger. 

But it doesn't end there. Doctors tried a revolutionary stem cell procedure on Alves, in which they used the fat from his liposuction, mixed it with his blood, and then injected it back into his face in attempt to reverse the effects of aging. "I'm quite hard on myself and I'm scared of getting old — that's the truth," Alves told The Daily Mail

Check out photos of Alves after all the cosmetic procedures below. Warning: It's pretty disturbing. 

Image via Rodrigo Alves on Instagram
Image via Rodrigo Alves on Instagram
Image via Rodrigo Alves on Instagram
Image via Rodrigo Alves on Instagram

[via Cosmo