Tons of men around the world have been known to go to absolute extremes to make themselves look better via cosmetic surgery, but Justin Jedlica, aka "The Human Ken Doll," may have just taken it to turbo levels that no one's going to even come close to touching in the near future. After spending approximately $170,000 on 149 procedures, Jedlica is turning his viral fame into a career as " a privatized beauty broker" in which he acts as middleman for people looking to get plastic surgery, he explained in an amazing, must-read interview with The Daily Beast

The interview is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of someone who can only be described as committed, and who explained that it all started with a nose job when he was 18. Now he has artificial shoulders devised with "a silicone-fabrication company," a business he's working with "to do an artistic muscle-augmentation-implant line." What. The living fuck. 

And if beef between two artificially-enhanced living anime beings is your thing, you'll be pleased to hear that the Human Ken Doll is not a fan of his fairy tale soul mate the "Human Barbie Doll." In the interview, he gets upset that she has risen to fame based on the narrative that she didn't actually spend a shitload of money on surgery.

The truth, he maintains, is that "she’s playing a part. I can’t take this off. I wake up and go to bed looking like this—it’s me every day. She’s playing dress up. She’s putting on a theatrical performance as an illusionist and then saying these retarded articles like, ‘My head is too heavy for my body,’ and people are like WOW!"

Yes, "WOW!" is what tidly describes this whole everything.

                              Image via GQ

[via The Daily Beast]