Because one wasn't creepy enough, there's another Human Ken Doll.

Celso Santebanes, a 20-year old Brazilian model, has spent more than $50,000 to look exactly like Barbie's boyfriend. Santebanes had surgeries on his nose, chin, and jaw, along with silicone implants in his chest and other alterations.

Remarkably, Santebanes isn't the only person who's gone to such extreme lengths to look like a plastic toy. Justin Jedlica has undergone over 150 plastic surgeries and spent $170,000 to look just like Ken. Yes, there are two of them.

Justin Jedlica

But Santebanes has one thing that Jedlica is lacking—a real doll modeled after him. "I went to the city to become a model, I never expected to have a toy myself. I imagined to be a human puppet, but [a doll made] with my image was something unexpected," Santebanes told Mirror. We're not sure what being a "human puppet" entails but someone who spends 50 racks to look like a doll only to have a doll modeled after him must function on some alternate reality.

Santebanes may also be able to get along with Human Barbie, a fairytale feat Jedlica failed to accomplish (apparently the two have beef). Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova has undergone numerous surgeries, including a rib removal, to look just like the blonde, big-boobed plaything.

Can someone build these three a Barbie Dream House where they can live out their twisted fantasy in peace and away from us?

Valeria Lukyanova

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