A new Instagram account called "Fashion Dads" has taken it upon themselves to hilariously imagine what it would look like if Dads were menswear bloggers with Instagram. From the duo responsible for another must-follow acccount, @brosbeingbasic, the Fashion Dads have got the style blogger formula down to a science, from the detailed explanations of outfits to the inspirational quotes to the overuse of hashtags.

There's nothing quite like "Dad fashion," and it's on display in fine form here with #ootd's that include everything from New Balances with #NTdenim, sweatpants with slides, socks and Crocs, and even a Canadian tuxedo or two. 

Check out some of the posts below and be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with the "fathers on fleek." You can also submit a photo of your own #fashiondad.


[via Elite Daily]