On Tumblr, everyone becomes a fan of hip-hop. In the past, we've seen Photoshopped pictures of everything from Bill Clinton showing off his Kanye album collection to Scarjo jamming out to Yeezus. This month was no different. A hilarious photo of Chloe Sevigny protesting with a picket sign of Cam'ron (in his famous pink outfit) and one of Jerry Seinfeld rocking an Aaliyah T-shirt made their rounds on Tumblr—although it wouldn't be a surprise if Seinfeld actually owned such a shirt, awesome as he is

As per usual, December also saw hip-hop get remixed with anime and throwbacks to our youth. Childish Gambino, for example, gets his own trading card, and Lil B somehow winds up on a cover of Animorphs. In addition, childhood heroes like Sailor Moon and Goku get perverted into police-shading, weed smoking badasses once again. Scroll down to see all of The Coolest Photoshopped Images on Tumblr of December 2014.