Fuck yeah, engineer boots. These boots from Bedwin are dope because they're like burlier, gnarlier versions of Chelsea boots. I mean, at least to me. For all I know, you're looking at a pair of grown ass man Uggs. But back to 'Ye. It's crazy how Kanye can make us all want a pair of boots popularized by, like, the Beatles and then release a song he made with one of the Beatles. That shit is crazy from a personal brand synergy perspective. Kanye really is an #influencer of unknown powers, guys. Like, sure, getting dudes to wear leather pants and Chelsea boots is an accomplishment, but Kanye’s real power is getting us all to want to have babies and families that we love. Like, Kanye's gonna make monogamy and family planning the new A.P.C. or something. Just remember though, your new unplanned baby will not be even remotely as adorable as Nori.