Berlin-based Siberian designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva is making the old new again. On her website, Koshcheeva states that she aimed to turn "a decade-old Siberian handcraft, that I know from my childhood, into contemporary design." Using discarded birch bark, she created a sleek chair that was built in Siberia in collaboration with local craftsmen.

The surface of the chair is water-repellent, is made from a soft and flexible texture, and is highly durable. Koshcheeva's work won the second prize at this year's Salone Satellite Worldwide festival, and the prize-winning product combines traditional materials with new technology and processing to create a wide and inviting seat. 

On Koshcheeva's website she states, "My creative process starts with the material. I explore each material’s unique potential, aesthetic features, and haptic qualities in an experimental way and turn my insights into design concepts."

[via Designboom]