The art of watch collecting is a relatively new phenomenon. According to a New York Times article, luxury wristwatch collectors have only been in existence for about 20 years, but the business is booming. Today, big-time celebrities have some of the most impressive collections in the world.

Unless you’re a star entertainer or a straight up baller, owning multiple luxury watches is probably unrealistic. So, owning a single watch with multiple functions is a nice way to double up on your investment. For this, the LG G Watch R smart watch combines a classic look with the latest technology. Along with being able to tell the time, the LG G Watch R allows you to send texts, use apps, and get social media updates from your wrist when paired with a compatible Android device.

For novices and those looking to get into the watch-collecting world alike—or those simply looking for some timepiece inspiration in 2015—the following are ten celebrities who have accumulated some of the best collections in the world, and who can provide some direction for your own.