If you think 6" wheat Timbs are sooooo early 2013, then you should probably scoop up these Supreme x Timberland field boots because why wear the same boots that everyone else is wearing? With waterproof Horween leather and a suede collar around the heel, these will definitely keep your feet pretty damn dry when the snow finally falls, if it's gonna fall at all, and will probably be pretty comfortable as well. But in my mind, these qualify as function over fashion because they're pretty butt looking. I mean, the only real options here are the black ones, right? The tan is okay, but the green and blue are just a little too weird, especially on what is supposed to amount to a rugged ass boot. Yeah, these look a little bit too much like a pair of Lugz, but they'll be perfect for camping out for the next Supreme drop that's actually hot, so there are some perks to copping these, I guess. Supreme x Timberland hits New York, L.A., London and online this Thursday, December 18th.