On December 4, the non-profit organization Stigma and Cognition will open its second typography exhibition, titled "Found In Translation," at the OPENHOUSE Gallery at 201 Mulberry Street in New York City. The exhibition features the work of 22 Korean and 22 Western artists with a focus on language, "shedding light on the cultural similarities and differences between Korean and English speaking countries."

The artists were asked to create works based on phrases, proverbs, and expressions that exist in both languages. The translations will be shown together on the gallery walls, creating an interesting dialogue between the cultures and changing the context for the viewer. Check out preview images from the exhibition below and head to the Stigma and Cognition website for more information.

Image via Stigma and Cognition
Jon Contino, Image via Stigma and Cognition
Studio Corners, Image via Stigma and Cognition