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Though her Lifetime biopic may have been disappointing, Aaliyah will always be viewed as the indisputable princess of R&B. Her music, film roles, and unparalleled personal style have solidified her as one of the biggest icons of our generation. And here to pay homage to the late, great artist is Portland-based designer Hayley Bauske, who has just released the Magic Aaliyah jersey tee.

Made from 100 percent silk poly blend, the custom cut-and-sew shirts are emblazoned with an iconic Aaliyah portrait on the front and the #79 on the back (a reference to the singer’s year of birth). The garment is only available black and features vintage jersey sleeves as well as detailing inspired by Penny Hardaway’s 1995 Orlando Magic jersey.

Take a look at the product in the images here. You can cop this piece, as well as Bauske’s other merchandise, at Free My Homie’s online store.