Swizz Beatz has been busy adding art pieces to his ever-growing The Dean Collection, which at this stage, is a pretty extensive amount of art for him and his family to enjoy. For those of you wanting a more extensive look at what kind of art Swizz likes and owns, you'll have a chance to, in real life, during Art Basel Miami Beach this year. Swizz will be curating an exhibition at SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, featuring pieces from The Dean Collection.

Earlier in the year, Complex reported that Swizz had bought and was installing a 19-foot sculpture by KAWS in his home, and since then, his intriguing collection has only grown. Swizz continually buys and shines light on the illest work from renowned artists around the globe (and also those on the come-up), including  Damien HirstTakashi MurakamiSam Francisand Lyle Owerko. Check out the latest additions and which artists got mentions in A Guide to Recent Art Pieces Swizz Beatz Has Co-Signed​.

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