2014 has been the year of "let's start a 'high-end streetwear' brand!" And there is certainly no shortage of them. The upside to so many people entering the market is that it forces designers to think outside the box with designs and distribution in order to put themselves at the forefront of a saturated arena. On the other end, us consumers have to trudge our way through the mess like a hoarder trying to find a penny in their slop. 

There are a handful of brands who have popped up recently or rebranded themselves for the better that have continuously caught the eye of people in-the-know, but are still on the path to an elevated presence. Instead of talking about them to try and convince you, we've given these brands' designers and owners a chance to introduce themselves and give you a unique perspective into what they have to offer, because who can sell their product better than them? Heed their message as they give you A Brief Introduction to Your New Favorite Brands.