Nobody said this fashion life would be easy. No matter how up on the latest trends you are, no matter how many menswear blogs you bookmark, no matter how many girlfriends you have to dress you, you are going to make mistakes. Having your own style means taking risks. Risks sometimes don't pay off. Even the most swagged-out men among us sometimes fall victim to style fails.

Though we all falter, there are some mistakes that are inexcusable. Some style moves are so obviously terrible that it boggles the mind to conceive how they're allowed to be legal, let alone exist as a trend. But, sadly, men often forget their better judgment in life and in lifestyle. If your girlfriend said it looks good, if you got laid last time you wore it, if all the cool kids are doing it, you could easily fall victim to to terrible fashion choices.

We are here today to help. Every stylish man makes mistakes. The truly stylish man learns from them and fights back to swag on for another day. Consider this your fashion intervention. Help us help you. Here are 10 Things You Think Make You Look Cool but Really Don't.