Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian lives an over-the-top, luxe life to say the least. Between racking up millions at the poker tables and stunting in a car collection you have to see to believe, it looks like Bilzerian has picked up a new hobby: destroying fake watches. And of course just smashing the watches wouldn’t do for Bilzerian and his outrageous ways; he decides instead to do so by means of .50 caliber rifle.

In a new YouTube video, Bilzerian hooks up with YouTube personality and gun expert Richard Ryan to destroy some fake watches provided by FakeWatchBusta, the hilarious Instagram account that is built on the business of calling out rappers and their fake watches. In addition to shooting the watches as they sit stationary, Bilzerian and Ryan decide to have even more fun blasting airborne watches a la Duck Hunt (for all your original Nintendo fans).

Check out the video of the debauchery above. We wonder if Bilzerian’s latest “hobby” will be immortalized in watercolor form?

[via Hypebeast]