I don't usually trust Yuketen to make shoes I want to wear. They make so goddamn many models and colorways. You should see their booth at Capsule. It's like a labyrinth and your task as buyer or blogger is to reach the end of it and defeat the minotaur. But you don't have enough to time to navigate through all the mess and find ones you actually like. Sometimes though, they come through with a simple shoe that I actually like and is also really cool. For instance, these chocolate suede plain toe ripple soles. I don't really wear "proper" shoes anymore and these definitely qualify as "proper" shoes to my eyes. But the ripple sole on these also offers a means of self-defense in case things ever get dicey late at night and you get into a rumble. You can just slip these off and they double as a weapon. And you can't put a price on personal safety, fam.